About Tagliatelle Pasta


Tagliatelle has a flat appearance and is used with a wide variety of sauces. It has a long and flat shape. There are several different types of Tagliatelle (depending on the size and thickness). It is originated from Northern Italy, Emilia Romagna region, first time made in 1400s.

How to cook Tagliatelle pasta
You should use large pot of boiling salted water, in which you need to cook pastaabout 8 minutes. Most often Tagliatelle is fresh pasta used with beef or pork dishes (classically with Bolognese sauce, Carbonara sauce, mushroom sauce), but can also be featured in vegetarian meals. It goes best with thicker sauce.

Where you can find it?
Tagliatelle can either be bought in market as straight pasta or in curls, dried or fresh. It can also be coloured with spinach.

More about Tagliatelle pasta
Today, the pasta is widely popular all over the world. There are many different recipes of pasta dishes. You should also need to know that there are also several different types of the pasta depending on the size: some comes in a cylinder shape instead of being flat, there is a thinner version of Tagliatelle called Bavette.

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