About Ravioli pasta


Description of Ravioli pasta
Ravioli is an Italian pasta dish made by stuffing squares of pasta dough with a filling. This dish is extremely popular outside Italy and can be easily found frozen in local supermarkets around the world.

How to cook Ravioli Pasta?
In Italian Ravioli means “to stuff”. Typically, the ravioli are boiled and served with a rich sauce. The variety of fillings are unlimited, as well as the sauces for it. It is very easy to experiment with new flavours at home.

The dough of Ravioli is the same as for making pasta (egg, flour, salt, olive oil, and water). The filling is cooked and mixed with egg, to stay together. Spoonfuls of filling are placed on the sheet of rolled dough.

History of Ravioli
Although, stuffed pasta dishes can be found in many cultures, it has a very rich history in Italian cuisine. In Italian literature some kind of Raviolli is mentioned since at least medieval times (the earliest mention of ravioli appears in the 14th century, in the writings of a merchant of Venice, Francesco di Marco). Meat, ricotta, seafood and a variety of vegetables, mushroom stuffings are mentioned, due to one’s personal needs. Actually it is a longer tradition of vegetarian Ravioli than with meat stuffing, especially during Lent for Catholics.

More about Ravioli pasta
There are many Ravioli pasta salad recipes, but the first one is from the mid-14th century offers a stuffing made from green herbs, blanched and minced, mixed with beaten egg and fresh cheese. There are some manuscripts from England 14th century, where Ravioli have a name of rauioles.

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