About Pappardelle Pasta


Description of Pappardelle pasta
Pappardelle is a flat pasta cut into a broad ribbon shape and in width it is between tagliatelle and lasagna.

Do not know how to make Pappardelle pasta?
Traditionally served with very rich, heavy sauces, and is very popular in winter dishes where it is a basis of a hearty, warming meal. Typically, pappardelle is made with an egg-based dough with the edges of the ribbons. Dried Pappardelle is usually made with hard wheat. For fresh Pappardelle wheat type is not very important (pasta made from durum wheats holds its shape while softer wheat has a tendency to fall apart). Usually durum pastas take longer to cook. Especially if it has a larger size.

More about Pappardelle pasta
Pappardelle is served on a plate or in a broad bowl and the wide ribbons are perfect for thick sauces and some chefs also use it as a starch to sop up the sauce. However, it is not suitable for baked dishes because they are too big for casserole and too narrow for lasagna.

You can find dried Pappardelle in the form of folded nests of pasta when it is made with eggs, and as flat ribbons when it is made with durum wheat alone. There is no reason to talk much about Pappardelle pasta because you just need to try it!

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