About Linguine Pasta


Description of Linguine pasta
This pasta has a wide, flat, and thin body and has a shape of thick spaghetti and a wide noodle. Linguine is originated from Campania, Italy. And, its name, translated from Italian means „little tongues“.

The recipes
These days this type of pasta is very popular and there are plenty of Linguine salad recipes,s soups and hot meals. Classically Linguine goes with seafood, pesto, „Alfredo sauce“ or any other lighter fare. But it is also paired with a variety of sauces. Sometimes, like other types of pasta it is flavoured (with spinach or some other herbs) to make a different colour.

More about Linguine pasta
Linguine is quite popular dinner food, especially in America, where Italian food become a part of American tradition. The paradox is that Linguine can be found in both – fine dining or fast food restaurants.

Linguine can be found in supermarkets fresh, dry, or even quick frozen. There is no reason to talk much about Linguine pasta because you just need to try it!

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