About Fusilli Pasta


The description of Fusilli pasta
This pasta shape is very popular and widely exported all over the world. It has a gently twisted short strips shape. Fusilli is called to be most common pasta. Its name came from Italian word „fuso“ which means „spindle“. It can also be called Pastarotini.

How to eat it?
Fusilli can be eaten plain, but can be also baked into casseroles, used in Fusilli pasta salad, soups. This shape of pasta holds an assortment of sauces – from very light and thin sauces to heavy meat sauces as well. The best fusilli pasta is made with hard durum wheat. This type of wheat helps pasta to hold sauce well, even if cooked longer or reheated. Homemade Fusilli can be made from different types of wheat. There is no reason to talk much about Fusilli pasta because you just need to try it and judge it by yourself!

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