About Farfalle Pasta


Description of Farfalle pasta
Farfalle is an extremely popular bow tie shape pasta. It is said to be made for the first time in 1500s in Northern Italy (in Italian „Farfalla“ means a butterfly). You can find this pasta in mostly every local shop, but it is quite easy to make your own „bow ties“. To make Farfalle shape pasta you have to roll pasta dough very thin and slice it into wide ribbons, pinch in the middle to form the classic bow tie shape, or, of course, use pasta machine. Allow Farfalle to rest and dry a little before cooking.

How to cook Farfalle pasta?
To make a pasta dough you need to mix four cups of flour, four eggs, one egg yolk, one and one half teaspoons of olive oil, and a bit of salt and knead it into a stiff dough.

More about Farfalle pasta
Farfalle is used in a very wide variety of dishes – it is ideal for soups (like minestrone), tomato and cream dishes, baked dishes (such as casseroles because it bakes and holds its shape well) or Farfalle pasta salads. This type of pasta is chewy and flavourish, especially if made from hard durum wheat so it also can be enjoyed plain.

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