About Capellini Pasta


The description of Capellini pasta
This type of pasta actually is a thin spaghetti, sometimes called “angel hair” (Capellini is three times thinner than an usual spaghetti!).

How to cook Capellini pasta?
It is a typical type of pasta made from flour, eggs, and salt because of its thinness can be prepared more quickly. Of course it is originated from Italy.

Homemade pasta can be formed in pasta making machines or by hand. There are coloured Capellini as well – coloured with beet and spinach juices, squid ink or darker mixtures of wheat flour. There are thousands of recipes for dishes with Capellini, but usually they are served with light sauces (in texture and flavour). Most popular ingredients are fresh tomato, shrimp, herbs (especially basil and oregano), lemon, olive oil, garlic. Pesto, butter and cheese as well.

In stores you can find it in long sticks and in circular bundles (look like nests), dry and boxed or fresh and refrigerated as well.

More about Capellini pasta
Despite the fact that pasta is mostly Italian cooking ingredient it can also be used in international dishes (especially Asian). For example, if pan fried and combined with vegetables and meat, Capellini can be a stir fry. Alse, there are many Capellini pasta salad recipes, for example, sesame and feta cheese salads.

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