About Bucatini Pasta


Description of Bucatini pasta
Bucatini is an unique long and hollow Italian pasta, which at first looks like thick spaghetti. However, this pasta is related to maccheroncelli – one other long type pasta. It is a very important in some Italian regions cuisine (especially central Italy where it is originated from). The name of the pasta came from the shape noodle shape – buco in Italian means „hole“.

Bucatini remains chewy and whole longer than some other types of hollow pasta (macaroni), it has a very good texture as it is cookes al dente. This is because it is made with durum wheat.

How to cook Bucatini pasta?
It is very difficult to make Bucatini pasta at home, but you can find Bucatini in some grocery stores, especially in the regions where is a large Italian population. You can buy this pasta in a dried form, sometimes fresh as well. Bucatini doesn‘t need any special storing – in a cool dry place with no sunlight.

More about Bucatini pasta
All long type of pastas are quite similar, so Bucatini can be called Perciatelli as well. Bucatini goes well with robust, hearty sauces, meat sauces. Traditionally it is made with tomato sauce and pancetta or bacon or just with fresh butter and herbs.

There are two ways to cook Bucatini – whole or broken up into chunks (for example, for minestrone soup or Bucatini salads).

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